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Meet Microchip's programs

We believe in the power of collaboration. Microchip's programs are an ecosystem for all players in the technological universe to interact with each other and co-create the future.

DPP Program

Microchip Design Partner Program (DPP)

DPP is a global network of embedded hardware and software design companies equipped to design Microchip solutions for current and future customers.

Microchip Academic Program

The Microchip Academic Program demonstrates the continuous commitment with  education, offering unique benefits and resources to educators, researchers and students around the world.

We are an academic resource to help integrate our products and technologies into the classroom and to inspire and encourage  students of all ages to pursue careers in design  and development of embedded systems.

Microchip University

Microchip University

Technical training courses on integrated control topics available 24/7.

In addition, special educational events will be offered throughout the year.


Join myMicrochip and get access to exclusive member benefits with new features constantly added.


Design Check Services

Microchip's Design Check Services is an exclusive and personalized service from Microchip. It is available for free and supports your project flow by guiding your project development. You can submit your design, PCB layout, and PCB routing information to a confidential and secure environment where it is reviewed by Microchip engineers who will provide you with personalized feedback


Microchip University
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